This is probably my fourth attempt to keep a blog and my first to do it in English. In times where there is so much noise on the internet I really ask myself, what should I add that wasn’t said before. And my conclusion is: “nothing”.

This will be a weird blog, I will avoid writing on it, I will instead spread as many links here as I can. Instead of writing what was said before, I will point to people that wrote it much better than I could ever do.

The links will be mostly about workplace autonomy, cooperation, and solidarity.


I was born in Brazil, I’ve been living in Ireland since 2015. I oppose intellectual property or the commodification of knowledge. You probably will find me either reading (fiction, non-fiction) or hacking something. I do love to hack, I may share some hacks in GitHub or Codeberg.

I’m a member of the FSF and IWW union. I support: FSFE, Schools for Chiapas, Cuba Solidarity Campaign, Movimento dos trabalhadores sem teto.

Still curious about me? Check my personal wiki entry.